Timber Plantation, Forestry Assets & Agricultural Investments

New Ventures Australia are official agents for a Chinese state owned forestry organisation mandated to purchase wood chips and forestry assets within the region. We are seeking opportunities to purchase forestry products, Timber plantations and investment in agricultural land.

Focusing & Mindfulness Training Program for ADHD Children

In late 2016 New Ventures Australia started working with an innovative start up based in Hong Kong that has commercialised university based research in order to develop a fun and interactive mindfulness training video gaming and program aimed at improving the lives of children suffering from ADHD and the lack of concentration.


Find A Factory

Source, design & manufacture in China

In 2016 New Ventures Australia became the Australian agents for Find A Factory, a single point of contact sourcing agents for manufacturing in China. Through Find A Factory we can Design, Source and Manufacture items from consumer electronics, fashion accessories, homeware and drinkware. For more details go to our FindAFactory page


Hardware & Consumer Electronic Startup Community

In 2017, New Ventures Australia has partnered with a global network & community of Hardwarians to establish Australia’s first community group in Brisbane to deliver regular seminars & networking events in order to foster collaboration among individuals interested in hardware and hacking. Visit Hardware Massive Brisbane