Past Partners


Distribution & Marketing in Asia

Taki Mai is a Fijian phrase used while drinking kava meaning “serve me now.” and the new Kava beverage supplement range developed by South Pacific Elixirs Pty. Utilising years of sciences research Taki Mai aims was to create a kava beverage that used traditional, authentic ways to deliver a consistent and predictable relaxation effect with every serving.


Toscana Olives is a family owned, single estate, certified organic olive grove in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia. The Olive grove comprises of 1,200 acres and 28,000 trees planted in 1943 and one of Australia’s first olive groves. Toscana Olives both harvests and produces a range of the best Australia Extra Virgin Oils Oils (EVOO) and Fusion Olive Oil products.


Herbal Lore Logo

Herbal Lore Liqueurs, was founded by Roger McLean using his 30 years of producing premium ports and liqueurs, He developed the unique Herbal Lore range. This outstanding range of liqueurs is certainly a first in Australia, if not the world. The flavours for the liqueurs are derived from Australian organically grown, hand-picked herbs, is gently extracted using traditional methods, then aged in a specially coopered vats made from selected oak staves.


Cottage Industries & Foodie Community Development

New Ventures Australia in 2015 worked with Celebrity Master Chef “Outback Matty” Mathew McKenzie to create an  Australian foodies community and innovative platform to foster the growth of regional gourmet foods locally and globally.


Beche de Mer 150x150

Aquaculture and export potential of Sea Cucumbers

Queensland Bech Der Mer is a project in partnership with the indigenous aboriginals off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. Its aim is to sustainability harvest Bech de mer or Sea Cucumber, Better known as the Sand Fish or Peanut Fish within the pristine waters off the Queensland coast. An estimated harvest of  25 tonnes of dry product is forecasted and will be destined for the Asian markets. New Ventures Australia conducted feasibility studies and engaged a number of Asian partners, distributors and investors for the venture.


BWF Logo

Seafood Export

BWFoods is one of the largest distributors and provides fresh and frozen wholesale food and seafood to restaurants and cafes across Brisbane and Queensland. In partnership with New Ventures Australia we are able to source Fresh Australia Seafood and a range of small goods products from around the country.



Infant Baby Formula

New Ventures Australia was in a partnership with a major Chinese Retailer/Distributor in conducting market research studies and branding to develop a private label infant formula product and venture that sourced milk products from dairies around Victoria and the Gippsland region. Our role was primarily to identify potential suppliers, manage contacts and localise a product for the Chinese market.