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What is Find A Factory?

FindAFactory is a new initiative created IN 2016 by the Headwind Group, a 40 year manufacturer and designer of a wide range of consumer goods.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, FindAFactory assists global brands and retailers in sourcing and manufacturing products in China. We specialize in working with crowd-funded products and start-ups that require a platform to source products from China leveraging our knowledge and expertise.

FindAFactory is designed to save you time and expenses associated with sourcing by giving your company a unique pathway to source products without the need for middle-men or taking on unnecessary risk.


Benefits of working with us

  • We have over 40 years manufacturing experience in China
  • We save you time with established factory networks & relationships
  • Speed to market with established processes
  • English speaking & comprehension team to overcome cultural barriers
  • Can improve your existing product design
  • A unique gateway for start ups and brands who wish to source directly in China, without the need for middle-men.


Range of services

  •      Manufacturing & Sourcing – We help you find a qualified factory in China & HK based on your unique needs.
  •      Prototyping & Engineering – Our engineering team can assist you from the design inception to final tooling.
  •      Product Testing – We work with the leading testing labs to ensure your products meet all global compliance and safety standards.
  •      Shipment Inspection – We handle quality control and inspection, ensuring your goods arrive on spec and on time!
  •      China Patenting –  We will help you file your own patents in China to protect your product and brand.
  •      Importing & Shipping – We offer optional turnkey shipping solutions to deliver your product to your door.
  •      USA Warehousing – We have full warehousing capabilities in the US to store, pick, and pack your goods.


Key Product Categorises


Past Customers & Brands

With 40 years manufacturer experience and designers specializing in a wide range of goods including drinkware, headwear, technology accessories, bags, and outdoor leisure products. We have worked with global brands including.



Happy Customers

Find A Factory’s satisfied customers range from crowd funded start-ups to large organisations and brands.


Our Process

With our 40 years of experience in design and sourcing, we’ve developed a proven strategy for developing our products from concept to prototype to final delivery:


Quality Control

We employ a dedicated team of over 20 quality control inspectors situated across China to ensure products are made on budget and on specification.


Product Safety & Compliance

We work with the world’s largest product testing labs to ensure our products meet all regulatory standards and guidelines.




Setting up our manufacturing base in China was a real challenge for us. Fortunately, FindAFactory offered us a total solution that met our budget and strict quality requirements. We not only set up a quality production line, but also saved a ton of money in the process.”

  Brian Pemberton CEO, Webbem


“We work with a lot of suppliers and agents in China and, like most companies, had our share of quality problems. really helped us streamline our supply chain by establishing a number of key factory-direct relationships. These guys know what they’re doing!“

  Minesh Pore GM, Europe at Pico Global


“I worked with on a number of critical, time-sensitive projects for some global brands. I was impressed with their service offering, professionalism and ability to help us source from a great base of Chinese factories. My clients were happy– and so was i!“

Amie Wong Senior Digital Strategist, Wieden + Kennedy


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