Global Connect 2020

We are pivoting proactively to respond to the unprecedented & completely different global business landscape. Given that live face-to-face events are not possible at this time, our intent for the coming near-term is to deliver inspirational online events to Queensland’s network of business leaders, innovation change agents and entrepreneurs. We anticipate that the topic, and international  perspective will be valuable to Greater Brisbane’s ongoing back-to-work effort, plus most relevant insight given our current challenging times.

We will deliver live-Stream/webinar w/ two speakers, one international and one local host-moderator, who has knowledge, charisma and cache’ from the Brisbane area. There will be a presentation by our international speaker followed by local host commentary and a point-counterpoint discussion of global and local trends & impacts. Then, open up for limited Q&A.

Register FREE for the 1st DELF OZ – Gary Bolles: The Next Near Future of Work: Our Global & Local Reset @