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Herbal Lore Liqueurs – Gift sets

Herbal Lore Liqueurs offer two elegant gift sets for their range of unique Liqueurs, Enabling clients to create the perfect combination for your customers or target market as well as gifting experiences for specialist events such as Corporate events and Weddings.


Single Bottle Gift Set

Beautiful gold outer and subtle black inner box.

This gift set includes 1 bottle of Herbal Lore Liqueurs and 2 specially designed Herbal Lore’s glasses, presented in a beautiful gold outer and subtle black inner box.

Herbal Lore Liqueurs is proud to introduce our Gift Presentation Box Sets.

Perfect as a unique gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings

– See more at: http://herballoreliqueurs.com/gift-presentation/#sthash.CRaroROr.dpuf

Herbal Lore Liqueurs is proud to introduce our Gift Presentation Box Sets.

Perfect as a unique gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings

– See more at: http://herballoreliqueurs.com/gift-presentation/#sthash.CRaroROr.dpuf



Twin Bottle Gift Set

This gift set includes 2 bottle of Herbal Lore Liqueurs and 2 specially designed Herbal Lore’s glasses, presented in a subtle rose and Arthurian cross in our award winning gift box.


About the Liqueurs

The original Herbal Lore Liqueurs consist of two different yet connected lines. Each of the two categories presents three distinctive liqueurs which vary in intensity of flavour and herbal characteristics. These categories are the Golden Liqueurs and the Cimmerian Liqueurs. However, after the success of the original blends, Roger Mclean founder of Herbal Lore, has continued to develop the range with his specialty Liqueurs including a Ginseng Liqueur and Midnight Desire to the collection for your benefit and enjoyment.

  Specialty Liqueurs


Midnight Desire – Passionately alluring

Created from a single, sacred herb of ancient cultures to induce deep ecstasy and heightened states of arousal, this herbal liqueur is a powerful stimulant in sexual fulfillment. With this secret process of blending, your passionate experiences can reach greater depths and often will touch the unknown feelings of expression.

Enjoyed by many people of many cultures and diverse backgrounds, this liqueur is sure to please anyone wishing to experience more passion in life and love.



Ginseng Liqueur – The Total Body Tonic

For thousands of years this ancient herb has been utilised in a myriad of ways in promoting and retaining health as well as addressing many common ailments and illnesses experienced by everyday people. Known for its stringent qualities, Ginseng works as a powerful cleanser and purifier of the blood. In this manner, all bodily functions relating to our blood, heart, and circulation in general, are enhanced.

People have been known, with the aid of Ginseng, to experience improved circulation, more stable blood pressure, more restful sleep, and greater levels of energy. Regular use has even been known to improve our immune system making one less susceptible to colds, flu, or general malaise.



Smoked Malt Whisky Tawny – Simply the Best

This magnificent tawny was awarded Third Place in the International Wine Show in London, 1999; and it was entered on a whim by a friend! Using peat imported from Ireland, and housed in oak from the King’s Forest in England, this unique Tawny is medium to dry in flavour, shows an earthy brown hue and is delightfully supported by a touch of Smoked Malt Whisky which adds to its complexity of flavour. This is the drink for when you dare to be different, when only the best will do, and you know you deserve the best!

 The Golden Liqueurs

This family of liqueurs has been created using herbs which for generations have been recognised for their uplifting qualities. The blending of specially selected white wine grapes, neutral in flavour, with these delicate herbs produces a slightly sweet to full-bodied flavour, reminiscent of the famous Portuguese sherries.


HarmonyGentle Uplifter ~ a soft, subtle and fruity liqueur.

The softest and most subtle of all the liqueurs, Harmony weaves its magic with a combination of herbs that aid us in forgetting the rigours of everyday life, gently uplifting one to where anything is possible. Its delicate flavour is both light and sweet, providing a silky-smooth experience.


Reflections – The Rejuvenator ~ a luscious and slightly spicy liqueur.

Reflections is a beautiful combination of a variety of herbs which enhances longevity. Reflections has been designed to restore and rejuvenate your life force (qui, qi, chi). It has a luscious, slightly spicy flavour that will delight and satisfy.


Mirus – The Power Lifter ~ a superb, energizing liqueur.

The combination of herbs in this liqueur, the ‘Queen’, is helpful in restoring balance in life. Sometimes called ‘elation in a glass’, Mirus was created to awaken our dormant creativity and stir the innermost depths of our soul. Mirus has a deeper, stronger flavour and a well-rounded finish.


The Cimmerian Liqueurs

The quality range of exotic liqueurs has been developed from red wine grape base,which when blended, produces a liqueur that is more full bodied than the Golden range. The balance of red wine grapes combined with selection of organically grown herbs (which has been chosen for their calming qualities) assures total enjoyment and relaxation.


Tapestry – The Soothing Booster ~ easing the troubled mind.

As a mellowed liqueur, Tapestry has a more complex texture (than the Golden Liqueurs), yet remains simple in design. The complex combination of organic herbs used in this creation works wonders easing our troubles in life by opening the mind to different, new perspectives. It proves to be an interesting experience with a wonderful taste sensation.


TempestThe Calming Presence ~ taking control of your life.

This rich liqueur is both distinctive and stimulating in flavour. The specially selected organic herbs used in the creation of Tempest encourages the development of an inner calm that can aid you in taking control of your life and re-exert your presence on – and in – life’s situations.


EscaliborThe Strength and Power ~ the complete Body, Mind and Soul fix.

An elegant perfume heralds the beginning of a beautifully rich, balanced, full-bodied liqueur which encourages peace of mind, contemplation and awareness. With this comes complete power and strength enabling mastery of personal destiny. With Escalibor, the Sword, this can be so!


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Double Presentation Box:   Subtle rose and Arthurian cross in our award winning presentation box. – See more at: http://herballoreliqueurs.com/gift-presentation/#sthash.CRaroROr.dpuf

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